Saturday, June 18, 2011


The boys and I have settled into our home away from home. We are in Virginia for most of the summer carrying out my summer assignment with Campus Crusade for Christ. There are over 70 college students who have been accepted for a summer project that I, along with others, will help staff. The focus of the summer for staff and students is “Encounter Christ, Experience Transformation and Engage in the Mission.”

We are all living in a motel that is about 4 blocks from the beach. It’s definitely motel living, complete with smoky rooms and all. The definite bonus is the motel pool which the boys have enjoyed swimming in nearly everyday since we’ve been here.

As they have been swimming in the pool, the boys have gotten to know some other children who have also regularly been frequenting the pool. We learned that these kids live at the hotel. It’s humbling, as I have grumbled more than once about our home away from home this summer. This is where they have lived for the past 6 months.

They came up to our room to play, as it was a rainy day in Virginia. I was humbled once more as they walked in and said, “Wow you guys have a lot of toys,” referring to the one small container of toys I brought from home for the boys to play with for the summer.

I’m thankful that the Lord takes me out of my bubble and helps me see a bit more of reality. Oh, may I cultivate a thankful heart and not one that is so quick to complain, and may I love extravagantly those the Lord puts into my path. I am praying that as I encounter Christ, experience transformation and engage in the mission that others I come in contact with will also.

There are the lessons I’m learning in Virginia.