Saturday, December 10, 2011

Perfect days

As I sit in Starbucks, it’s a seemingly perfect morning. It’s my day off. I’m drinking my pumpkin spiced latte (oh, sad day when the holiday drinks will no longer be served and I’ll have to wait an entire year for a sip of my favorite drink). Did I mention that snowflakes are falling outside, and Starbucks is playing music from the Nutcracker? I also just received notification from the library that the book I have been waiting for is in. I was number 64 on the waiting list.

Pinch me! What a delightful and wonderful morning!

As great as this morning is, it is a dim picture of what’s to come. This Advent season I am not only trying to remember that Jesus came to earth as a baby, but that He is coming again. Pumpkin spice lattes’, days off, and snowflakes are a pale comparison to what’s coming.

I am also reminded that those seemingly perfect mornings are rare. Life as we know it is plain hard sometimes. This time of year, I am always reminded of Christmas morning 2004. “Your husband has a brain tumor,” the emergency room doctor said. “He has a what!” I was utterly shocked! I will never forget making the phone call to Erik’s family Christmas morning. His sister answered the phone and the joyous “Merry Christmas” greeting quickly turned to disbelief and horror as I told the rest of his family that was gathered together.

We all long for the days of perfection where all is well. Those days seem to be so few and far between. So I wait -- wait for His return. Because when He comes, oh how perfect that will be! Perfect days will abound and be limitless. We get Jesus, and we will be filled to all the fullness of God every second of everyday. Complete joy, satisfaction, rest, peace. Filled completely!

That’s what I am trying to remember this Advent season. He is coming again! He IS coming again! What hope we have for our future and what courage that gives me for today!