Monday, July 11, 2011

The Word of LIfe

What are three words that best describe your life? What is one thing you want to do before you die? Who is Jesus Christ? What happens after death?

These are all questions my seven year old asked a man on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. He was with our good friend, Scott, and they began to share the gospel with this man. Scott, who is very tech savvy, happened to have a gospel presentation on his iPad. Alex held the iPad up high above his head so the gentleman could see it, and Scott shared with this man how he could know Jesus. This man came to Christ that night.

I am challenged by my seven year old who shows no partiality and has a child like faith when it comes to telling others about Jesus. I often shrink back in fear that others will think I’m the weird Bible beater. Oh, how I learn from my children.

As Alex was literally holding up the gospel via an iPad, I am reminded of Philippians 2 where Paul exhorts the church to hold fast the word of life, which is the gospel. Oh, may we hold fast the gospel and may we not be ashamed, for it is life for all who believe!