Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sucker. Do you see it written on my forehead? You can’t miss it. It’s there in flashing neon colors. SUCKER! That’s me.

Tears were pouring down Alex’s face as he cried, “Can we keep her mom? PLEASE, we can’t just leave her here!” I completely caved! We are now officially owners of one Beagle mutt named Sophie.

Sophie was a stray that attached herself to Alex while on a bike ride at a local park. She had no tags, and after asking others around the park, we learned that she had been running around the area for days.

I told the boys we could take her home, but that we were going to fervently look for her owner. We posted signs all around and began waiting to see if anyone would claim her.

I waited three weeks with no phone calls from anyone missing a dog. So, I decided it was time to take her to the vet. After spending a bundle of money on the pup for examinations, vaccinations, and medications, the owner called. I couldn’t believe it. I was starting to get attached to this mischievous little creature, and I knew the boys would be crushed!

After a couple of conversations, the owner decided to let us keep her. He had bought her just a month prior to her escape, and it sounded like he wasn’t really up for the task of taking care of her.

So, Sophie is now ours. She’s extremely lovable and lots of fun. She is great with kids, but hates men. Hilarious!

She’s also A LOT of work! She’s a shedder, which drives me absolutely crazy! She also thinks she’s queen of the house, and her goal in life is to claim a spot on the couch. One day I walked in the kitchen to see her on top of the kitchen table!!!

She is learning, though, and the boys have been remarkably responsible in helping out with her. They adore her, and she’s even started to capture my heart, too.

Being a dog owner is an adventure that came a lot sooner than I expected. Doesn't life bring a lot of the unexpected?


  1. I just found your blog...and what a FIND! What a BLESSING!! Good luck with managing the dog. I am currently w/o a dog, but have had one most of my adult life. I know I will get another one at some point. My prayers will be with you as you search for a home. What an inspiration you are to me. So glad I met you!

  2. Wow, you're a dog owner! Our Belle is almost six months old now. She's a lot of work but so cute, lovable and fun. She's a joy . . . especially to my boys. Sophie is probably a healthy addition to your family too.

  3. HA! This is good stuff...praying for you. Much love - Kasey & Martin