Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am noticing a trend in my life and writing. I tend to talk a lot about fear, heaven and waiting. Today it’s fear. I wish I could say that I had the whole fear thing figure out, but I don’t. Life just keeps happening, and new fears emerge.

A few days before Christmas, someone tried to break into our home. By God’s providence, our neighbor was getting out of his car (at 11:30 at night, I might add) and saw the intruder. My neighbor scared him off, and the guy ran away.

I was left unnerved. It seemed as if this intruder was trying to get to me. I could be paranoid, but our car was in the driveway and lights were on in our house even though I was sound asleep in bed. We live in a duplex, and our neighbors’ car was also in the driveway and all their lights were on because they were still up and about. Seems like an unlikely place to rob if robbing was your intention. Especially, living on a college campus where many of the surrounding homes were empty due to students being gone for Christmas break. If I were a robber, wouldn’t I choose a home where no one was home?

All that to say, I’ve been afraid -- really afraid. My friend, Corrie, reminded me today that “perfect love casts out fear.” What a great reminder of God’s truth! I wrestle with how to practically live that out: what does that look like on a daily basis? Perhaps, if I’m spending my time thinking about how to love God and others, I won’t be so afraid. I won’t be consumed with the “what if’s.”

That doesn’t mean that I don’t put more security measures in my home, but in the midst of that, I am praying that I grow a lot in loving this year because living in fear is not really living.


  1. praying for you to feel God's love and protection. having an intruder in your home is so unnerving and I wasn't even home when ours broke in. may God give you wisdom to enact good security measures, and faith to grow in love like you've asked. thanks for your honesty and for sharing how God is changing your perspective in the midst of a tough trial.

  2. You are a great example to me of daily living the abundant life, thanks Kelly for your heart in this.

  3. I will be praying safety over you. I just saw that you are a single Mom, Wow! I admire your strength. But as I am learning with five children and a busy husband, God is sufficient for me! You can do it!(anything)

  4. I'm really sorry this happened, but so thankful to God for protecting you and sending the guy away. I do pray he never returns.

  5. God is love (1 John 4) and there is no fear in love. During the evening when praying at bedtime with our little ones, I remember singing to them a verse that their mom and I had put to music to help them (and us) sleep well for the night.

    "When I lie down, I go to sleep in peace; you alone, O LORD, keep me perfectly safe." (Psalm 4:8)

  6. The Lord our Savior, Almighty God, El Gibbor, the One Who delivers and rescues us -- protect and defend you and yours, always. Shalom