Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Daughter Project details

I thought I would fill you in on some more details of The Daughter project in case you haven't had a chance to look at the website. The Daughter Project is a non-profit organization in Northwest Ohio that exists to help girls recover from the trauma of sex trafficking and to help prevent others from being trafficked.

They are seeking to build a home that will help house girls who have been rescued. This is what their website says about the services the girls will receive: abuse & addiction counseling, family/friend restoration, health & nutrition education, medical/dental/vision care, legal counsel and spiritual mentorship. This help will be provided by caring & competent professionals and volunteers. More specifically, we have recruited doctors, counselors and other professionals to provide medical services to the girls. We are also developing plans for art, drama, equine and music therapy. In addition to medical services, we have begun to contact various local community organizations to provide healthy, educational opportunities for our girls. Some of these include the YMCA, the Zoo, the Symphony and others.

They are seeking to raise $80,000 for a home that will house girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. They have raised $40,0000 so far. The plan is to begin building in May with the completion of the home in June, which will allow them to house their first girl in July. Would you consider giving to the Daughter Project?

I got to see Amy over the weekend. She's the one who is wearing the gray dress for 6 month. SO glad that she roped me into doing this!

Hanging out at my mom's

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